In Your Feelings

Still in your feelings because of something someone said last year? Can’t get over the fact that someone or some thing did not go your way? Can’t get past the emotional turmoil from months ago? Then I have the secret to your problems.

Its you!
That’s right, YOU are the only person who can choose whether the problems of yesterday shape your tomorrow.

Take Yourself aside, and deliver two dope slaps, as fast as you can, and repeat the following mantra:

“I is smart, I is kind, and I is important.”
Remember, you are the one who makes the difference.

This messages brought to you by the folks around you who are tired of your negative attitude.

The Grocery Store

Me: Why is there plastic on the payment keypad?

Cashier: to protect people from Covid.

Me: but isn’t everyone touching the plastic keypad the same way they would the regular keypad?

Cashier: no words. *Confused look.*

Me: An another thing… Why Dont you pack the grocery bags anymore?

Cashier: Because of covid 19 to reduce the spread of catching or spreading the virus.

Me: But a shelf packer took it out of a box and put on the shelf, a few customers might of picked it up and put back deciding they Dont want it, I put it in my cart then on the conveyer belt, YOU pick it up to scan it.. But putting it in a bag after you scan is risky??

Cashier : no words and confused looks.

Cashier : Paper or plastic?


in this century of the overwhelming triumph of science, the appeal of the cause of human freedom is no longer that it is great and noble; it is essential. It is no greater than the cause of edible food or the cause of effective shelter. Man must have freedom or he will cease to exist as man.
-Rex Stout
The Black Mountain

Another Shutdown

Due to the COVID-19 increase, health officials are telling all of us to return to our semi-lockdown life. Personally, I never left it. I have been locked down for exactly eight months. And that time has been eight months of pure hell.

Due to my health, I am considered high risk. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, and according to my friends the “immune system of a toddler.” Any doctor that looks at me wants to put me on so many pills, even Michael Jackson’s physician is saying ‘God… Enough is enough.” And yet, I have stayed healthy.

So, while the new world order government is restricting the freedoms of those who felt safe enough to go back into their shells, I’m just sitting over here chilling. Yes, I have gone out twice in the past week to see my family, but the group has been spread out and there has only been seven of us in the house.

I plan to see the rest of my family at thanksgiving. The group will also be no more than 10 strong, and the house is huge, so distance is a non-issue. Besides, this group will include my mother and I haven’t seen her in nearly a year.

That’s my update, for what its worth. I hope you folks who start to go nuts again, take care of yourselves. Practice distancing, and please use all the tools we have in 2020 to reach out and stay social.


Old Time Taxi

When I lived down town RVA, I used taxis as a primary way to get to work. Over that time I got to be good friends with the drivers and the biggest bummer was losing that connection when I moved out into the county.

Today, I used Lyft to vote and my driver was one of my favorite taxi drivers. She was always friendly and today was no exception. Even though we hadn’t seen each other in nearly four years, she knew me and handled that right like a champ. And you know I tipped well.

We will survive

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it is okay to think the media blew COVID out of proportion and still take the virus seriously. We are in the midst of a pandemic, but we are not at a point where the world is coming to an end. We are, however, in a place where caution and respect for science and common sense is more important than ever. This disease kills. It can also be conquered. We will survive.

Mercury retrograde

I’ve just heard that Mercury retrograde starts today and ends on November 3, and that gives me zero comfort. The event, which has long been associated with professional, financial, and logistical chaos in astrology circles, is blamed for everything from missed flights and crashed computers to workplace tensions and broken household appliances. As my life is already a prime example of a cluster-F, the next few weeks is likely to be a misery.

Quarantine Musings

During this pandemic quarantine I have had a lot of time to think. Some of my thoughts have been dark and not worthy of sharing with the world, but some are pretty funny. The hard part for me was getting them together in a list.
One of my friends posted a list and damned if they aren’t everything I’ve been thinking. So I present, the stolen list. And no I don’t feel bad about sharing it as she stole it herself.
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Counting Flowers On The Wall

For the past three months I have lived in isolation. I live alone and have had minimal contact with my neighbors, and no trips to the store or anywhere else as the world has shut down in response to the Coronavirus. Normally this would not bother me as I am a simple person who enjoys his own company but living in what amounts to involuntary confinement has taken a toll on my mental health.
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The Musical Association Game

I was given 12 categories and challenged to come up with a song title for each one. I love little brain teasers like this as it really stretches your mental muscles. I promise there are no repeats and I didn’t use the internet (though it was tempting). Social media is full of little games and challenges like this. Rather than limit myself to the walled garden, I’m putting it here on the blog to share with the world. Besides, it gives you some insight into my musical mind.
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