The Musical Association Game

I was given 12 categories and challenged to come up with a song title for each one. I love little brain teasers like this as it really stretches your mental muscles. I promise there are no repeats and I didn’t use the internet (though it was tempting). Social media is full of little games and challenges like this. Rather than limit myself to the walled garden, I’m putting it here on the blog to share with the world. Besides, it gives you some insight into my musical mind.

Go with the first song that comes to mind or fill in your favorites. No internet searching and no cheating.

  • Something to wear: Blue Suede shoes

  • Something to drink: Tequila!!!

  • A Place : Hackensack

  • A food: Cheeseburger in Paradise

  • An Animal: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

  • A Number: One is the Loneliest number

  • A Color: Purple Rain

  • A Girl’s Name : Joanna

  • A Boy’s Name: Arthur’s Theme

  • A Profession: Rocket Man

  • A Flower: Desert Rose

  • Day of the Week: Saturday Love

Please play along in the comments!

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