Another Shutdown

Due to the COVID-19 increase, health officials are telling all of us to return to our semi-lockdown life. Personally, I never left it. I have been locked down for exactly eight months. And that time has been eight months of pure hell.

Due to my health, I am considered high risk. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, and according to my friends the “immune system of a toddler.” Any doctor that looks at me wants to put me on so many pills, even Michael Jackson’s physician is saying ‘God… Enough is enough.” And yet, I have stayed healthy.

So, while the new world order government is restricting the freedoms of those who felt safe enough to go back into their shells, I’m just sitting over here chilling. Yes, I have gone out twice in the past week to see my family, but the group has been spread out and there has only been seven of us in the house.

I plan to see the rest of my family at thanksgiving. The group will also be no more than 10 strong, and the house is huge, so distance is a non-issue. Besides, this group will include my mother and I haven’t seen her in nearly a year.

That’s my update, for what its worth. I hope you folks who start to go nuts again, take care of yourselves. Practice distancing, and please use all the tools we have in 2020 to reach out and stay social.


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