Podcasting Thoughts

When I was a podcaster, I did it for fun. I wasn’t about making money, changing people’s opinions, or even building an audience. If I wasn’t having fun it wasn’t worth doing. Today, as a listener, it seems like the hosts are all about making money with their sub-par performances.

One of my favorite shows is all about the merchandise. During an hour-and-a-half program there are at least 4 ad spots, and each is either him shilling for some corporation or hawking his own branded crap. Yes, I know he does the show to pay his bills, but if I hear one more Geico commercial, “DO you own… Do you rent,” I might just unsubscribe.

Maybe I should get back into the game. I’ve tried a few times, but life just keeps getting in the way. I know I’m good and could keep the party going. I just don’t know where I will find the time.

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