He Works Hard For The Money

It feels like work has ruled my life for the past few months. The routine is gotten up early; do the job of two people for eight hours; come home mentally exhausted; maybe eat dinner and pass out in front of the television. I haven’t had the time to do much of anything else.

This all started in February when my job had a shift in personnel. We all work in teams of four or five so that the workload is balanced evenly.  Without getting into specifics, my employer provides logistics support to the military and each team is assigned a weapon system platform for support. The platform I support usually has two order managers, a program manager, and two active duty military assigned for support. In January, we lost one of our soldiers to reassignment. In February, both the program manager and the other order manager took voluntary reassignment for a six-month special project. This left me and another guy carrying the load of a team that usually has five people.

No warning, no sorry guys, just you’re on your own for a while.

Remember when I said that was a six-month special project? Well, it got extended to 10 months in July so me and this other guy have been holding down a busy platform all by ourselves for damn near a year. We work hard, and I give him credit for baring up under his share of the headache. He’s a real trooper.
Some days the sheer amount of stuff we get accomplished boggles my mind.

I was promised by management that the team would be back to full capacity by the end of October. This can’t come fast enough, because your boy here is tired!

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