Looking For Love

Many songs say “love takes time,” I’ve been waiting for a very long time, and have yet to find that person who can fill the emptiness in my heart. I’ve been blessed with the best group of friends in the world, and I know that no matter what…they will be there for me through the fire and rain. This does not diminish the fact that I am very lonely and need to find that special someone who can make me feel complete.

I only usually think about my lack of love life around Valentine’s Day when all the folks around me talk about spending time with their boyfriends, girlfriends, boo thangs, or fuck buddies. I mean, don’t get me wrong…they are entitled to happiness, but as a member of the single population, it would be nice if they would consider that there are some of us who spend that candy filled romantic holiday alone watching old episodes of the Love Boat while updating our OKCupid and Match.com profiles. Some of the more pathetic of my single brethren actually consider their dogs, cats, and or goldfish their valentine. According to a study American’s will spend over $700 million on gifts for their pets. Who in hell has this type of money? People without boo thangs.

In an attempt to avoid the pet store this year, and the doggy Valentine shop next year, I have seriously got to find somebody to love. Wish me luck.

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