2014 in Review

On the whole, 2014 was a very good year. I’ve had a lot of fun times, more than my share of laughs, and have started to treat myself to a few little luxuries. Yes, I know that self-indulgence in excess is a bad thing, but this is the guy who hasn’t bought a Christmas present for himself in about 10 years.

The major thing I did for myself this Christmas was take some time off. My normal working schedule is an eleven hour day. My commute is roughly an hour and a half to get to work, I spend eight hours working hard, and then another hour and a half back home. As you can likely imagine, I am exhausted by the end of the day and don’t really have energy for hanging with friends or any other fun stuff.

Add this to the stressors of the average life, and you can best believe that I was burned out. I was so tired, that I developed a serious case of CRS, meaning can’t remember shit. I also lost my workplace filter, and roasted someone so bad that you’d have thought I was a drill instructor in the U.S. Marine Core. The last time I went off I received a round of applause. I was told it sounds like this fellow here:

Not necessarily the type of attitude one expects from a former social worker. In my defense, the person who cause my meltdown needed a lesson in respect, and since then has not given me any more problems.

In general, I would like to say Thanks to the people who have been there for me through the rough times. You have been a real blessing, and, to me, you’re worth more than all the gold in the world. There is one friend in particular who has helped me out more than all others. She is the voice in my head that keeps me focused, the cheer leader that supports me when I feel the lowest, and the one person who is able to read me and can tell if something is wrong by the tone in my voice.

Tremaine, you are my all-star, and I love you dearly.

As I close this quick note, I have a message for 2015. To the haters, be warned: I’m not about to tolerate your negativity in 2015. I’m all about the positive and it’s my goal to make this next year even better than the one before. Test me if you wish, and learn that there is no place in my world for your negative attitude.

I’m on a mission and peace and harmony are my priorities!

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