Patiently Silent

This is dedicated to the girl who changed my life. Thanks for being my friend. I could only wish we could be more.

I’m no knight in shining armor. I’m just a scholar with degrees. Armed with my whit, my charm, and humor I defeat my enemies. I will fight in any battle, I will never turn and run. I’m a soldier who is strengthened by your love and confidence. Yes, you’re promised to another, of this I am aware. Just know my precious darling, when he screws up, I will be there.

I will stop your tears from falling. I will change your frowns to smiles. It does not matter where he takes you, as I will walk nine thousand miles. And if things lead to violence, as yet they often do, I’ll let him taste my judo, my karate, Taekwondo. For now my love is endless, and yes my love is true. My love for you is fearless, and all that love is for you.

Right now I will stay silent. I will step back into the wings. I always will support you, no matter what life brings. For the longest time I hid my feelings, and you know the ones I mean. You know my rhyme and reason, you know from where I’ve been. Just like an angel you saved me, when my life was getting low. I was at my very deepest, more than that you’ll never know. A game brought us together, and none shall break us apart. My friend, I’m yours forever, and you are always in my heart.

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