Jokes Not Withstanding

Every time I see someone who is shocked about how screwed up the world is, I feel a bit depressed.  Not for their lofty morals; not even for their facade of innocence; but for the knowledge that they think there is supposed to be a worldwide-accepted norm of conduct.  These people actually believe that all the humor in the world should be family friendly.  Let us just say that the rumble sound you just heard was all of the UK busting a gut laughing. I now respond to a … disgruntled blogger.

This person wrote on their blog:

“So tonight I saw a picture on Facebook which disturbed me. It was posted on a site which embraced all things distasteful in the name of humour by trolls who get their kicks doing this.  The picture showed a young woman, bound and gagged, looking frightened and underneath it said ‘It’s not rape. if she really didn’t want to she’d have said no.’  So the ‘gag’ was actually the fact she was wearing a gag. How clever.” Facebook Fail by J. Bolouri

I agree with you in that the joke was in poor taste.  In my humble opinion, the joke was not even funny as it portrayed a situation of helplessness as humor.  However, your being so passionate about this just shows me you’ve never been to a comedy club.  Believe me sis; comedians are paid good money for jokes worse than that one.

Also, in that blog you say that you don’t’ want to bring up your child in a society that sees it as acceptable.  Well, I would like to know where you are going to move where the internet is not allowed.  I mean you no harm, but the internet is full of such garbage.  If you choose to sensor your child’s intake of filth, you will have to monitor their school communications, TV, Radio, and … smoke signals.  As long as there are people, crude humor will exist.  The best thing you can do is to educate your child about it and reinforce the good values that you feel are important.

You are the parent.  You are the adult.  You are the example for your child.  You are responsible for the information taken in by that child and for the nurturing of the child’s positive psychological development.  If you cannot handle teaching your child about crude vulgarities, please tell your child about the values of becoming a nun.  I mean the practice of silent prayer has to beat the hell out of being exposed to bad tasteless jokes.

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