How Martin Luther King Got His Day.

Martin Luther King, Jr. famously fought long and hard for racial equality. So perhaps it’s fitting that it took the efforts of several Americans more than 30 years to establish a holiday in his honor. Read more: How We Got MLK Day and Who Stood in the Way -by Nikki Gloudeman.

I would not say fitting. More like very sad. As in, this is very sad that it took so long for a country to recognize the leader of a minority; a leader who put is personal freedoms on the line for his beliefs; a leader whose only hope was for a better life for all Americans to be recognized.

They didn’t ask this kid. However, If they did, I would say that recognizing him for his accomplishments and legacy is much more important than celebrating the lives of some expired “heros” whose only virtue and legacy is … answering a call to arms. Peace before war, is my opinion.

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