The Marble

A Boy and a Girl were Playing Together at a local park. The Boy had a Collection of Marbles and The Girl had some Sweets with Her! The Boy told the Girl that he would give her all of His Marbles in Exchange for Her Sweets. Liking marbles, The Girl Agreed.

The Boy kept the biggest and the most Beautiful Marble aside for himself and gave the Rest to the Girl.
The girl, on the other hand, gave Him all Her Sweets as she had promised.

That Night, the Girl Slept Peacefully, satisfied that she had made a good trade. The Boy, on the other hand, could not Sleep as He was constantly Wondering whether the Girl had Hidden some Sweets from him in the same manner in which He had Hidden His best Marble.

-Moral of the Story:

If you don’t give your 100% in a Relationship, you’ll always keep Doubting; If the Other Person has Given His or her 100% !! This applies to all relationships. Regardless of how old you may be or what level of secret you keep, if you hide something you will always wonder about those around you. Give up your marble, for the sweetness of peace.

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