Moving Forward

It seems that everyone wants an easy answer after a tragedy. My question, why are we not willing to do the hard work to prevent the tragedy from occuring in the first place? We must try to understand those who hurt simply because they are different. We should endeavor to love those who feel unloved. We should embrace those who feel that they are the untouchables amongst us.

It is too offen that we find out after the event of a tragedy that the perpetrator was one who felt different or unacceptable, unloved and/or untouchable. Yes, I do realize that this will grant us no guarantees. However, if it might minimize or limit the events, why not give it a try? We might actually find that it is easier to be kind than to be hardhearted. Dr. Horace

In my opinion, we need to look at the systems of support that are available in our nation. We are the United States. Let’s stand in unity to prevent tragedy, in stead of unity in promotion of greif. “In Unity there is strength,” Let is find tht strength as we move forward.

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