The Manly Attitude

The Manly Man is a swaggering man, carrying himself with pride and self-assurance. He is not a follower and may not be a leader but, is unswayed by external forces. He goes where he wants, wears what he wants and says what he wants with no fear of condemnation. A real man may even eat quiche if it pleases him.

The Manly Man is not a quitter. Comfort and difficulty do not deter the Manly Man. He does his job to the fullest. He does not whine or moan about the task at hand but rather works beyond the call of duty. The Manly Man does not bitch. His attitude is “can do” or even better “will do”. The Manly Man is most likely a Republican forging his own destiny, not relying on public aid and Democratic programs.

The Manly Attitude

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