A Warrior’s Love Reality

By kevin White:

Roman maidens said come back with your shield, not upon it.
I have to wonder to they know how hard the fight is.
Do they honor it? Do they gather the strategy of tactics, the attention to details?
Or are they just hoping for another night’s romp with the sexiest male.

Great Caesar, Sun Tzu, can you hear me implore?
I ask for your wisdom, I’ve read the art of war.
I’ve met my commitment, and the battle is won.
And yet when I return, my victory goes unsung.

The maid said she loved me, I thought she spoke true.
She claimed her heart would break if I did not give her that boon.
But I returned with my shield, not on it as encouraged.
And it seems that her passion was just placed back in storage.

I talk to her, she fights me. I kiss her, she bights me.
I dare not go near her, for when in the kitchen she might knife me.
But even then its too late, I know twas best lost then to have loved.
I should have joined those brave ones and met our holey father above.

For then I’d have peace. I’d have my reward.
I’d have my name lauded, not blamed and ignored.
I’m just a man on a mission, to survive one more night.
God know’s I can make it. God knows I can fight.

An RVAMaverick creation.