March Madness

As a general rule I hate college basketball. There is no real way to enjoy a sport where the players can be disqualified based on their grades, or where you can’t watch your favorite team due to the restrictions of the local cable provider. College hoops is nice if you can watch it on the web, or have a local team playing near enough for you to visit in person. In general, the majority of the world does not have the ability or inclination to crowd into a stadium with a bunch of drunk and rowdy 21-year-olds as the local team gets their asses handed to them by their historic rivals.

Having said this, I have enjoyed the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) march madness tournament this year. March Madness as its called is when all the teams who did not suck throughout their season play each other for the opportunity to say “We’re the best and baddest team, so there.” The coolest part about this is that there is wall to wall basket ball on most of the major networks. While someone from Moose County University in Jackass Flats Michigan might not see their local boys on TV, they will be treated to the sights and styles of the Indiana Hoosiers, Butler Bulldogs, and VCU Rams playing their hearts out for the bragging rights of “best Damn team in the league.”

This year, 2012, CBS and the Turner Broadcasting System are collaborating to bring wall to wall hoops to the millions of college sports crazy Basketball fans both on television and online. This has been a wonderful thing as it has broadened the ability of folks to follow their teams, and to interact with their like minded fans in chats. It has been a huge boon to me as it has allowed me to become more interested in College hoops.

I hate to say it, I was an NBA fan and could not stand college. After the lockout, late season, and endless crap over the contracts for the professional services of these ball players, I turned on a college game and got hooked. I’ll still be a fan of professional basket ball, but college is now on my radar.

CBS, you and your colleagues are tasked with continuing the coverage of college hoops and to make March Madness as accessible as possible. You got a tentative convert. Let see if you keep my loyalty.

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