Tip Thy Waiters Well

I have never been a waiter, bellhop, soda jerk, or anyone who accepts less pay for honest work relying on the goodwill of patrons for tips. These folks have my undying respect, and thanks for putting up with the millions of irrational customers who cannot tell a rare steak from a piece of foam rubber.

These folks do a good job of getting your food to you. They handle millions of plates, put in thousands of man-hours on their tired feet, all for the lousy 15 or 20 percent tip we give them. To give less than that is simply careless. To purposely stiff them with fake money and religious tracts is just plain wrong. They do not need your faked religiosity. They do not need your attempt at salvation through missionary work. What they need is money in order to make ends meet.

Having read an article on the rise in fake tipping from Christians, I am righteously pissed off at my brothers and sisters in Christ. I know God told you to spread the good news of his grace. He did not tell you to act like a dick while doing so. He did not say that thou should stiff one in five servers whose families need their help with a fake $10 bill with my face on it.

The bible teaches to be kind to others, and to treat others as we wish to be treated. This way lays the kingdom of heaven and a salvation bought and paid for by good works and faith. Christians, take note of these words, as they are the Truth.

Do unto others, and you will be done unto.

Stiff a poor waiter and you will get a shaft in your life as well. It may not be right away, but it will happen. When it does, that waiter you shafted will be able to have the good fortune you so virtuously withheld from them.

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