Talk Radio Punditry

When listening to the local news talk radio channel, I just asked myself the following question: “Who is this jackass, and why is he being allowed freedom of speech?”  I mean I believe in equal rights for everyone, but when your freedom of speech infringes on my rights to liberty and the per suit of happiness, I must take notice and deliver the dope slap with a wet fish.
This friendly flake in a vain attempt to amuse the crowd talks about a case where some rotund gentleman wishes to sue White Castle because the booths are too small.  On the surface, I agree with him and think that if you are too fat to sit in the restaurant, you need to step away from the double cheese burgers.  I disagree in that the way in which the friendly flake of a radio host ridiculed the corpulent litigant was out of order.
The radio host, whom I will call Bob, said that any lawsuit based on accessibility is frivolous and no private company should have to change to accommodate a customer.  Well Bob, it was not so long ago that if a customer was of a certain pigment, he either was not allowed in the restaurant, or was only allowed to be in certain parts of the restaurant.  How do you think that trend of stupidity was changed?
Oh, there was also a time, in the not so distant past, that if you spoke in ways that went counter to the popular majority you would be blacklisted so that your career as a pundit was over in all parts of the country.  Have you ever heard of McCarthy?  Do you remember the extreme stupidity he put this country through in the name of patriotism?  Think of that and think of why you can say what you want on your radio show.
I have to wonder if the reason these idiots on the radio say this stupid stuff comes from their total ignorance of history or just an ignorance of how the garbage they say affects others.  Either way, their ignorance is not my bliss.  Please cease and desist or I’ll sue.
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