You’re a moron

I figured I’d open this blog with a poem that came to me while watching an old episode of Two-and a Half Men.   its amazing what three shots of vodka, an empty Friday night and a bad TV show will make you think of.  Dedicated to all failed actors everywhere.  I tip my class to you. 
Empty faces, what are they thinking for?  Arguments wasted, but then who’s keeping score?  You turn on the television, a mid-sized limbic incision is entered into your brain.  The show must go on! My Friend you’re a moron! Outside the dawn is breaking.  But inside in the dark, your in the corner quaking, from a shot of bad tequila mahn.
What ever happens, don’t leave your life to chance.  You ain’t Jessica Simpson, please don’t take off your pants.  We know that you are not faking, the reason we are shaking is laughter at your misery.  You’re a moron! A tried and true moron! Four times or more you’ve walked out the door, and unlike Al Gore you put the world in an uproar.  You’re a moron.

Your reputation’s tainted, reviews are in, your career is dead.  Hollywood is done with you, producers say, off with his head! You can try teaching acting, I fear you’ll be flipping burgers my friend! Why? Cause you’re a moron!  A Tried and True moron! Walk out the door, don’t want to hear more, we’ve finally found the will to move on …. On with the show!
An RVAMaverick creation.